xxxtentacion – ? First REACTION/REVIEW

xxxtentacion shortly after the release of his first full length debut album 17 has decided to release his sophmore album titled “QUESTION MARK” or ?. He totes versatility as a strong point for this album with limited features. Does this make the mark? Lets find out

xxxtentacion – ? FULL ALBUM
1. Introduction (Instructions)
2. Alone, Part 3
3. Moonlight
4. Sad!
5. The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)
6. Floor 555
7. Numb
8. Infinity (888) featuring Joey Bada$$
9. Going Down!
10. PAlN = Bestfriend featuring Travis Barker
11. $$$ featuring Matt Ox
12. Love Yourself (Interlude)
13. Smash! featuring PnB Rock
14. I Don’t Even Speak Spanish LOL
15. Changes
16. Hope
17. Schizophrenia
18. Before I Close My Eyes

Best Tracks – NUMB/going down!/Infinity

Worst Tracks – $$$/PAlN/Love Yourself

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Marc D. says:

18 min album?? In 40 minutes??? Wow Shawn that’s impossible please explain.

karim hashi says:

Yooo you gotta react to bishop nehrus new album „Elevators: Act I & Act II“
Which was produced partly by MF DOOM!!!

MegaMen says:

Why his hair looks dirty ?

Jack TSC says:

To be kind of honest I skipped to the matt of feature

Zhang Tony says:

I feel like X can only bother to write hooks, and some of the hooks are nice, then he sort of just fades out or loses interest.

SoulSaver USA says:

Bro X is different, your over reviewing is great songs too much

TG 125 says:

I raspak women

6LACK LORD says:

Bruh don’t sleep on Nipsey Hussle’s VICTORY LAP LP. Album is the fucking truth Fam.

Иван Медь says:

Make a reaction to Velial Squad(Russian rap) please, list:

Katelyn F says:

Great job shawn, hit me right in the giggle box every time

Mckee Ward IV says:

The name of this album is the sound effect Enemies make when they find you on metal gear solid.

Mino Xo says:

13:18 is my dumb ass getting hyped till I read the full name 🙁

Super Duper Sym says:

Do you like anything?

Pancake_general says:

Strong 4/10

EXplicicity says:

I honestly loved this album, since my favorite genres are rap and rock

Samuel Perry says:

Bitch they speak french in the Caribbean wyd

Diego Anderson says:

React to Riot by X

SoulSaver USA says:

Dude im disliking your reviews lately, your too boring of a fam reviewer yo really feel the vibes in songs and for you to relate to the dam song. I feel like your too much of a originalistic type of person. Theres a purpose to why X makes his songs how he makes it.

Ritesh Nayee says:


Teriq Cross says:

x was the last verse of i dont even speak spanish

EagleTK B says:

You are the most objective person on the whole entire internet when it comes to music BUT giving this album a 4/10 is kind of harsh. In my opinion it’s a 6 or 7 easily. Keep the great content up.

Bryce Sheldon says:

6:49 mosh pit style?.. nah.. SUICIDE PIT STYLE

Lucas S. says:

I think it’s worth you not like the album, but it seems to me that you are judging all his music as if they were all rap, which certainly is not.

badinfluence1985 says:

I love your videos. You are calm, reasonable, direct, funny, got a funny elevator music type background going on whilst talking about hip hop which you know alot about.. you are yourself and your opinions are very appreciated and can even be extrapolated in essence to other things in life too. Keep it up

EXplicicity says:

In his profile picture on Spotify, it says the question mark is an i, top right corner, maybe that has something to do with the title.

Dominu Castro says:

It’s question mark! And any conversation just say question mark!

Peyton Walker says:

I love x, but I was thinking the same thing, he has no songwriting ability

Sebastian says:

React to Stranger Things

GhostWWX Reviews says:

Call the album the XFiles

Icognize says:

Everytime this nigga changes his hair color his music evolves or some shit

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