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It’s a 200k subscriber special and the first time we are doing a full album reaction here on Rock Reacts. So join us as we react to Skins by XXXTentacion

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Jordan Matthews says:

This album is mostly finished, I recall seeing an interview of him before he died saying he had 3 projects planned; ?, Skins & Bad Vibes Forever (a 3rd studio release expected 2019). X said he had 7 tracks on skins before he died and this was around March/April 2018.

Edit: I also forgot to mention how notorious X was for releasing short and raw sounding songs like Staring at the Sky for example

Ronald Castro says:

The more I listen to skins it’s better

HearTheEchos says:

Better Things by Jaden Smith has a very similar beat to Don’t Let Go. You should give it a listen.

C Hannels says:

They made a short album a long ass video

Erick Rodriguez says:

I was scrolling for about 15 mins looking for something to watch while I smoked my blunt. Thank you lol.

WayOfLife Gaming says:

React to bricks by x if you haven’t heard a rapping x song

Louis Higuera says:

have yall really not reacted to Gunna or Lil Baby??? YOU R MISSING OUT

gsuikzgx says:

Thankyou so much for appreciating x he meant a lot to us and the fact you are appreciating him to this level means a lot

яр б says:

далбоеби седят голавами машт

Thicc Cat says:

That last song is the perfect imagery of someone closing the book of X’s life. There’s no more need for more notes, not another chapter later on, just the end. RIP.

LiamChis 1996 says:

I love X a lot, his music did A LOT for me. But other than a couple songs, this didn’t feel right. Definitely a more evident case of the label trying to make some money back. Which is fine, it’s business but sadness for me

E L M N T says:

For Guardian angel, it’s jocelyn Flores backwards, you can hear “june 18th in my heart” if you listen closely (which is the date that X passed)

jason 1877 says:

X loved metal music

ImperiumAutoConsultants says:

Love Your Channel Guys !

c0mmanderis says:

I absolutely love this British Johnny Sins

Apollo Ranger says:

Okay I love you guys, but CMON! It’s called The Postal Service, the album was “Give Up” and it came out in 2003 and it’s one of the most ahead of its time albums of all time

Batkfc_Savagey_Jaden Lil Uzi Xxx says:

Long live Jahseh

Cooper Hill says:

YES! When I first listened to ‘Train Food’ thought on those last 3 lines was identical to you! It does have an Eminem vibe!

Deadly says:

Wifisfuneral – Ever Seen a Demon

Tangokilo0703 says:

Jaden Smith rapped over the I don’t let go beat on his song Better Things and he flows well

Piccolo Rick says:

Sense you’ve done a skins action reacts could you possibly do a stokeley album review please

Mark Runsit says:

Do “Nuketown” by Ski Mask The Slump God

B.C. says:

This is my first time giving xxxtentacion a listen because of you guys.

Janji 14 says:

This album is trash

James says:

It’s “Jocelyn Flores” in reverse

Devan Blevins says:

Ye big bald dude sounds like one of the dudes from whatculture lol

Seff says:

I’m beyond happy to hear more X, but this album disappointed me. I feel like the label gave it very little care. Seemed more like a cash grab. I wonder how cleo feels about it

Hector Soria says:

I we was still here he would have been cool with y’all

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